What is included in this service (How does it work)?

We offer a range of different services for hands and feet. Manicure meaning hands and Pedicure meaning feet. We usually do a basic manicure or pedicure that is nail cutting and shaping, cuticle work and nail strengthening top coat or gel polish (we don't offer nail polish/varnish only gel polish). You can then build on top of that, everything is selected you can add a foot spa or hard skin and so on from the list. you can also include any of these to other treatment that we offer for example if you are enjoying a facial and your face mask is developing for 10 minuets you can include the foot mask or basic pedicure on top, or if your having a lash lift you can add on a foot mask while your lashes process. It doesn't have to be added to a Mani or Pedi service it can be anything, ask your therapist for a list of the best treatments to add these onto to make the most of your time with us.

What brand do we use?

We use a range of different types of products for hands and feet, please get in touch to request more information on this if required.

What aftercare advice should you follow?

 Avoid steam, sauna or hot baths for 48 hours.

Use gloves when cleaning or gardening.

There may be some additional aftercare depending on your personal needs and requests this will be given at the appointment and/or sent to you.

If you have any questions or problems including redness or irritation after your tint please be sure to contact us for more information, help and advice 07486362211