What is included in this service (How does it work)?

First you will have a patch test 24hours prior to the treatment. It is your own responsibility to book a patch test and if you arrive without one you may be charged if time is wasted. This is renewed every 3-4 months if you have not had the treatment done in that time. After arriving we will have a look at lash shapes and styles that are available if this hasn't been done during your patch test or any other way. Once we know your requirements we go ahead and cleanse the lashes apply eye patches and tape then go ahead and apply the lashes.

What brand do we use?

We use LashBase for our cleanser, remover & adhesive. We use Noir, LashBase & Wink for our lash extensions. We use various other brands for any other tools or products used.

What aftercare advice should you follow?
We can loose between 3 to 5 natural lashes a day (meaning you can loose up to 5 fans and if you have between 2 to 7 extension hairs on one fan that can make you feel like you need a fill sooner!) This can vary from person to person, it can also vary on the time of year... you may loose more lashes for a short amount of time at any point in the year. Depending on the style of lashes your getting this could mean you need a fill sooner than you usually would. We recommend a fill around 1 to 2 weeks after if you feel this is happening to keep the lashes full. To keep the lashes clean and avoid chances of build up leading to infection keep the lashes clean. Please be aware that you can loose more lashes than usual in the Spring and Autumn and this may require more fills sooner. 

Cleaning your lashes: 

For your first time cleaning the lashes or if you begin using a new product to clean the lashes after the first time ask someone to assist you. You will clean your lashes every day or every other day. Failing to do so could lead to serious consequences. Read through the cleaning process below completely before cleaning the lashes. Make sure you have everything available and to hand before you begin. Always clean one eye at a time.

You will need: Oil free cleanser or lash shampoo. Lash cleansing brush. 

Take some oil free (preferably sensitive) cleanser that can be used on the eye area or lash shampoo products can be purchased try using this products at least twice before your lashes are applied or if not just on the skin and around the eyes before using to clean your lashes (If you feel its to harsh on the skin it will be to harsh to clean the eyes and lashes). Apply this to your cleansing brush (given to you at the appointment) and in small circles clean in and around the lashes. Don't be to gentle if you see the lashes fall out when cleaning they are loose or grown out and were going to fall out at some point soon anyway and thats expected. When you have finished this step have clean water ready and soak some cotton pads. Hold a towel or paper roll under or to the side of your eye... tilt your head back if under eye or to the same side if you apply to the side and squeeze the water from the cotton pad through the lashes allowing the towel to catch the excess water (the water should be dripping through the lashes). Rinse a few times and press the towel around the eye area then allow to air dry for a few minuets before opening. If you feel a slight stinging repeat the rinse and allow to dry for longer. If they continue to sting your product may not be sensitive enough and discontinue use continue to rinse and contact emergency help line for further advice if there is any lasting effects. Once dry use your eye lash comb and comb the lashes, regular cleaning could make you aware of when your next fill will be due. If you don't clean and / or comb the lashes for a few days you could find a lot of lashes have shed but not fallen out and when you do go to do so you will have a lot of gaps that you'd have noticed gradually if doing so every day... This could lead to you not getting your fill appointment in time and having to have more of a fill or a full set done, instead combing every day can remind you that your soon due to have a fill. 

Not cleaning and combing lashes often enough is one of the main causes of infection as build up can occur and sit in between lashes and on the skin.  

Avoid getting lashes wet for 24 to 48 hours after treatment.

Avoid wearing eye liner or mascara on the lashes at any time (we do suggest you avoid this on the bottom lashes as it can transfer to top lashes but if you remove this from bottom lashes and clean your top and bottom lashes... (follow information above) this isn't that as bad on bottom).

avoid any products that may contain oil or oil based products on your skin (it can travel to your lashes through day or hen sleeping) and oil can minimise retention in glue and remove lashes. 

Avoid any heat including hair dryers, cooking, steam, open flames and so on... this can singe the lashes and you will have to have them removed and not filed as there is no way to fix this (you will be expected to cover this cost if removal is required)

Avoid any other beauty facial treatments for 1 week after after having lash appointment, and avoid hot towels or steam on or near the eyes... this can effect the retention if the glue on lashes and or remove them.