What is included in this service (How does it work)?

First you will have a patch test 24hours prior to the treatment. It is your own responsibility to book a patch test and if you arrive without one you may be charged if time is wasted. This is renewed every 3-4 months if you have not had the treatment done in that time.  

A 3 step system working to curl and reshape the natural lash. 

First applying shields to the lid using adhesive similar to strip lash glue very sticky and water dissolvable. With 3 different sizes this is measured and applied then we use another tool with the adhesive to lift the lashes sticking them to the shield in the shape we want them to set in. Then begin applying the products one after another.

1ST The first step breaks down the bonds in the hair softening and allowing to be reshaped. 

2ND The second step sets the hair into its new shape. 

3RD the third step is of a lash perm is a nourishing oil conditioning the lashes after the chemical process. 

Each products is left on for up to 15 minuets. We always include tinting with this treatments and this is applied for 10 minuets.

What brand do we use?

We use the Salonsystem range for our lash lifts and the Professional Beauty Range for tinting.

What aftercare advice should you follow?

Avoid until 24-48 hours after:

  • You will be given a comb with your treatment and you will comb the lashes a few times a day to keep the curl. Be sure to do this morning and evening before and after you sleep for the first 2 weeks. 
  • Getting lashes wet.
  • Applying pressure or sleeping on the lashes.
  • Avoid applying any mascara or any other product to the lashes 
  • Avoid any steam or sauna rooms.
  • Avoid applying any harsh products to the lashes.
  • Avoid wearing waterproof mascara for 6 to 8 weeks (whilst lashes are still lifted)
  • Avoid any other beauty facial treatments.
  • Avoid using products that contain oil near the lashes.