What is included in this service (How does it work)?

You will first attend a consultation and patch test appointment that can be booked directly via phone call or text message, this has to be done at least 48 hours before your first microblading session.

What brand do we use?

We use the Tina Davies pigments, we have spent a lot of time researching a safe to use long lasting effective and cruelty free product and Tina Davies is on of the best, for more information please get in touch.

What aftercare advice should you follow?


Day 1:

We will apply a small amount of your aftercare cream to the brows before you leave after your microblading procedure, once this has completely absorbed into the skin (2-3 hours) you can now clean the area or any pigment and blood remaining from your previous service. To clean the brows we advise you first wash your hands, boil some water (kettle) if you fail to leave it boil you are at risk of infection, wait for it to cool in a clean cup once cooled to a temperature you can stand use cotton pads, kitchen roll, or gauze with a small amount of the water to dampen but NOT SOAKED and press over the brows do not wipe and do not apply a lot of pressure you will do this once a day until blood and fluids have stopped (usually by day 3).

Day 2-3 

Clean the area in the morning (follow previous methods of cleaning) once on day 2 and if needed on day 3. If the brows feel dry, tight or itchy apply cream. Do not over apply the cream you want the brows to start scabbing over from this point on this will help with healing and loss of pigment, only apply a couple of times a day when you feel is nesassary. The brows shouldn't be cleaned after 3 days onward until the scabbing has gone usually around 10 days to 2 weeks after this point.

Day day 3-25 

Continue to moisturise the brows when required but again not over moisturising. 


  • Avoid getting the brows wet (when cleaning brows the cotton pads/other shouldn't be drenched only damp) this will mean to avoid swimming washing over the brows washing your face. You can apply vaseline over the brows when you shower to risk getting them wet when you want to remove this pat the brows don't wipe over and leave any excess to absorb into the skin.
  • You should avoid anything that will make you sweat such as saunas, steam rooms, sunbeds, excrsize and anything else you assume would do so.
  • Avoid putting anything other than what has been advised (moisturiser so on) onto the brows such as makeup, spray tan, perfume or perfumed lotions anything else you can think of. You can begin to treat the brows as normal at least 4 weeks after your top up treatment and not atal before to avoid risk of infection and drawing out the pigment also to give the brows the best overall outcome. If you have sucesfully healed with no complications you may consider having certain treatments/ applying products at least 2 weeks after initial procedure or after top up but only after we have agreed that they are healed enough avoiding our advice or agreement before doing so may effect the overall outcome could be effected.
  • avoid touching the brows without washing your hands 
  • avoid picking at any scabs that will occur if you fail to do so you may loose a lot of the pigment and leave the brows very patchy and require extra work on your top up which may lead to you paying extra for top up.


  • The brows can swell, look red and dark immediately after you have had your microblading the brows can look larger and deeper in colour straight after you have had them done but not to worry they will fade and start to look more natural.
  • The first few days you may notice a small amount of blood this is before they start to scab over, this is why you are to clean them only in the fist day or so if you need to failing to do so may lead to infection as the blood will be sitting on the brows and bacterial will build up more than if you don’t remove it before you apply cream.
  • They will start to scab over after a few days this is a good thing and will keep the colour in if you pick at the scab or try to remove it you will risk the colour coming away with it aswell.
  • Once the scab has started to go completely and on its own without you removing it yourself it will be around the time you are due for a top up (4-6 weeks) and once you’ve had your top up the stages we have just gone over will repeat and around 4-6 weeks after your top up your brows should start to look natural and how they will stay until your next procedure. This will be anything between 1-3 years time depending on how you like them to look and how they fade.