What is included in this service (How does it work)?

Waxing is a form of hair removal using warm or hot wax for different waxing outcomes, different areas of the body or different hair types and skin types. 

What brand do we use?

We use salon services own brand as well as occasionally trying other brands.

What aftercare advice should you follow?

 To ease any redness, inflammation or irritation you can put a clean wet towel into the fridge once this is cool enough after around 20 minuets apply it to the waxed area. You can put the towel in the fridge before you come for your waxing appointment and it will be ready when you get home. 

You should exfoliate after the first week (if skin is ready) this will help prevent in-grown hairs you can do this once a week if you are prone to ingrown hairs or once a fortnight if not.

Be sure to moisturise after the first day use a non perfume, scent free oil or cream. After wax oils and creams would be better if you can get them.

This advice is for all areas of waxing please adapt the information to the area you have waxed.

Avoid for 24-28 hours after:

Hot baths (cool or warm is ok).

Sports and excessive exercise.

Touching or scratching with unwashed hands.

Wear clean loose fitted clothing (avoid caps or hats with brow waxing).

Avoid swimming and chlorinated pools.

Avoid until 1 week after:

Sunbeds or sun bathing.

Saunas, steamrooms, hot tubs, massage.

Avoid exfoliate for the first week and if your skin is still not ready wait another week (contact us if you are concerned that the skin is still to sensitive for exfoliating at this time).

Products such as make up, powders lotions and anything else in the first week unless you have been advices otherwise by your beauty therapist.

If you have any questions or problems including redness or irritation after your waxing please be sure to contact us for more information, help and advice 07486362211.